Home &  WETT Inspections during Covid-19

A Letter to Clients from the Owner of On Sight Home Inspection

"Much has been accomplished since the beginning of the pandemic, we are certainly inching closer to a permanent solution, and we as a company are still watching closely and following guidelines. At On Sight Home Inspection, the safety of our clients, Realtors and the safety of the occupants of the homes we inspect remain of utmost importance.


Here is what we are doing as a company to help continue to keep everyone safe. To start with, we are happy to inform you that we are fully vaccinated and hope you will consider doing so as well. While we typically encourage all of our clients to attend the home inspection, we are adjusting that request. We are now respectfully asking that only the client(s) and the Realtor attend the home inspection. We understand that sometimes the process can become more of a family affair but we must respect the safety of all those concerned.  

While on-site, we will take the following steps to help maintain a sanitary environment in people’s homes:

  • Latex gloves will be worn during the inspection if requested.

  • We will keep hand sanitizer nearby and use it when needed

  • If available, we will use disinfectant wipes or the equivalent on faucets and door handles

  • We will not shake hands or bump fists

  • Business cards will not be handed out or left behind

  • We will avoid touching our faces

  • If requested by the seller, we will wear a mask during the inspection

  • If we have a fever or cough, we will not conduct the inspection

"The company will continue to monitor this dynamic situation, and will adjust any of these policies as needed or recommended to help ensure everyone’s safety."

- Andy Carter,

 Lead Inspector