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Why get an House Inspection?

Why Get An Inspection?

A house is a house, right? Wrong!

Home Buying Stress

No two house are exactly alike. They may look the same but each has their own history. Most people consider buying a home stressful yet, surprisingly enough, the one component to making it less stressful is often neglected: the Home Inspection.

Home Inspections are Investments, not extra expenses

A Home Inspection is an Investment, NOT an Expense.

In the past, home buying was generally a buyer beware purchase. You found a home you liked, made the offer to purchase and once accepted, the house was yours, lock stock and barrel, and leaking toilet, and outdated electrical, and that extra bundle of shingles under the crawlspace for those rainy nights. While Home Inspectors cannot uncover all of the potential issues in the short time frame we have to inspect a home, we can shed some light on the more obvious and perhaps more expensive components assisting you in making an informed decision for literally a fraction of the purchase price. 

There’s no valid reason to forgo a Home Inspection. No offer to purchase is generally accepted and finalized on the spot, there is usually anywhere from 2-7 days to arrange all the necessary details. That’s the time to arrange a Home Inspection. Your Home Inspection could be completed, and a report submitted and reviewed by you so that you can be confident in your decision. If you’ve been convinced or directed to omit the inspection clause or the seller doesn’t want it in the purchase agreement, you may wish to re-think your decision.

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